junior ilir blakcori [km] 2003
title this is it
category best of the world

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Amin Tabbaa : Realism! - Dec, 12. 2006 - 10:19
Great work Ilir. At this point in time, it is good to remind people that capitalism also has its setbacks, to say least.

Short, straight forward, message delivered!

Keep up the good work.

Natalia : [movie:] This is it - Mar, 16. 2005 - 03:11
I AM very impressed by your work,ilir blakcori.its a very short movie but you managed to show fully your own point of you have some other works?i would like to see them.
Rina : re: [movie:] this is it - Mar, 29. 2005 - 04:13
mas pari . ilir ta ha loqken ... tjerat i din ti