junior elen ms gyoulnazaryan [am] 2003
title waltz
category best of the world

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Girls dance waltz with boys. They wear ball dance suits. The melody goes on, the boys become soldiers, they now wear military uniforms. At last the boys are gone. The girls finish the waltz alone.

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Stepan : [movie:] waltz - Jul, 15. 2005 - 15:30
Hi, dear Elen, you'r a talented person... nothing else I can say :)))
no name : Re: [movie:] waltz - Jun, 05. 2008 - 09:14
Well done. a very polished film. powerful yet understated...not to mention fun to watch.
m. campbell
Elen : Re: [movie:] waltz - Mar, 13. 2007 - 08:36
hey,m so sorry I ve just read your message, and I don;t know who you are:)
he he funny:0