junior eric mutuyimana [rw] 2010
title struggle
category unknown

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I was living in the streets without money, after I prove that I'm a singer with talent, I became a rich-man.

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mutuyimana eric : [movie:] Struggle - Sep, 14. 2010 - 16:25
Because of u iknew many things about cinema i'm still trying to devellop my talent but the problems are to don't have materials for practice but in our days i'm directer of stories said in the songs,and i see that one day if Dod wishes things will be better;i'm Ibra Tuzuri one of yous i made Straggo. Thank u for your training.
mutuyimana eric : Re: [movie:] Struggle - Sep, 24. 2010 - 09:01
i would like to ask you if you found my e-mail? Thank you.