junior louisah enos [pg] 2009
title taim nogut
category inside - out
papua new guinea workshop 2009

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Maria : [movie:] taim nogut - Jan, 16. 2010 - 04:50
Thank you. the story is so sad but I'm glad to see the young man walk away from the noose. It will get better.

Louisah Enos : Re: [movie:] taim nogut - Jan, 15. 2012 - 15:12
Hi Maria.Thanks 4 commenting on my oneminutejr video.I really appreciate your comment!;-)...Actually,I`m a girl but it seems that I look like a boy on-screen.That`s alright.Didn`t reply soon because I was having trouble with my email settings...Ok bye.
Mitchell France : Re: Re: [movie:] taim nogut - Sep, 16. 2015 - 03:37
Wow that was very eye opening I am also very glad that you walked away from the rope and I really hope your parents get much better.
Louisah Enos : Re: Re: Re: [movie:] taim nogut - Oct, 07. 2016 - 19:28
Hello Mitchell France, I would like to thank you for viewing my oneminutejr video and really appreciate your comment.
The thought of suicide crossed my mind when my parents were experiencing problems but I didn't do it and you can see it in the video. It was an emotional time for me during the production of that video. After doing that video, my parents cried when they watched the screening of the videos. I also realised that other children were going through that same problem and speaking up and out about it might save a young life one day.
Thank you for your support for my family.