junior louisah enos [pg] 2009
title taim nogut
category inside - out
papua new guinea workshop 2009

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Maria : [movie:] taim nogut - Jan, 16. 2010 - 04:50
Thank you. the story is so sad but I'm glad to see the young man walk away from the noose. It will get better.

Louisah Enos : Re: [movie:] taim nogut - Jan, 15. 2012 - 15:12
Hi Maria.Thanks 4 commenting on my oneminutejr video.I really appreciate your comment!;-)...Actually,I`m a girl but it seems that I look like a boy on-screen.That`s alright.Didn`t reply soon because I was having trouble with my email settings...Ok bye.
Mitchell France : Re: Re: [movie:] taim nogut - Sep, 16. 2015 - 03:37
Wow that was very eye opening I am also very glad that you walked away from the rope and I really hope your parents get much better.