junior darragh thomas reck [ie] 2008
title invisible war
category (self)portrait

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Jennifer Hunter-MacKenzie : [movie:] invisible war - Jan, 20. 2009 - 12:10

Glasgow Youth Film Festival has launched a one minute filmmaking competition for under 18s in association with Chew TV. It would be great if you'd like to submit this film? There are £350 worth of prizes available from Jessops Camera Stores and Fopp. Completed entries must be uploaded to Chew TV by 12pm on Sunday 1 February 2009. Go to for easy to follow guidelines on signing up and uploading your film.

You must include the line 'GYFF One Minute Movie' at the start of the short description. Entrants must also send a link to Penny Bartlett: by that date. The five finalists will have their films shown during Glasgow Film Festival 09 and online on our website. The competition will be judged by a panel made up of film industry experts and a surprise celebrity guest. After the panel choose their five favourites, there will be a poll on the festival website for the public to vote for the overall winner. Your film, your way!

E-mail me for further information.
Jennifer Hunter-MacKenzie
Glasgow Film Theatre
Darragh Thomas Reck : [movie:] invisible war - Sep, 12. 2008 - 22:27
DESCRIPTION: It's something different, and it tells multiple stories, it's filled with emotion, and expression, It's a video that is part of me, and it shows the person is in a war, but it's a war that cannot be fought nor won, for it's an invisible war. He remembers his past of his parents fighting but he used to see it as a game, he sees his mother as the queen of hearts and his father as the king of clubs, But now dead they express their emotions through the symbols on their cards. Please comment my video, and thank you.
Darragh Thomas Reck : [movie:] invisible war - Sep, 12. 2008 - 17:33
Hi This is my film, My name is Darragh not Damsh, and can somebody please fix the distortion sound in this film, because it really takes away the quality, this is not how it was when I made it, Oh and please comment Thank You!
no name : Re: [movie:] invisible war - Sep, 14. 2008 - 16:55
thats class

Trev : Re: Re: [movie:] invisible war - Sep, 14. 2008 - 22:23
ahhh thats well amazing best i seen on hear s0 far