junior kirk anthony a. balmonte [ph] 2007
title breath of freedom
category best of the world

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child laborers in manufacturing firms

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anonymous : [movie:] breath of freedom - May, 10. 2008 - 19:16
i found the link of this video thru this blog:

and she says "do leave a comment :p"

anyways, i love this video.
the idea is very literal and i find that something new because nowadays people try to incorporate ideas to a very deep context and people sometimes don't get the whole idea

so two thumbs up for this!
do produce more videos

hope to see more of your works! :D
Kirk : Re: [movie:] breath of freedom - Jun, 10. 2008 - 09:56
woah, thanks for the comments buddy! ... that's the best thing I've heard! ... you can also check out some of our short documentaries at and choose Kabataan X-press as your channel folder... thanks once again! .. ;)

2pe : [movie:] breath of freedom - Dec, 12. 2007 - 19:04
hmmm galing ah, napakasimbolic ng dating. nice job, keep it up....
2pe : Re: [movie:] breath of freedom - Dec, 12. 2007 - 19:06
heheheheh correction napakasymbolic po dapat yun. :)
kevin : [movie:] breath of freedom - Dec, 12. 2007 - 13:04
whoah! that's kirk! hehe! nice pare!
no name : Re: [movie:] breath of freedom - Dec, 14. 2007 - 13:35
thanks guys! ... ;)
kirk : Re: Re: [movie:] breath of freedom - Jan, 11. 2008 - 02:03
ay, it's me pala... thanks for watching! ;)