junior armando goedgedrag [aw] 2007
title blue eyes view

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hannah : [movie:] blue eyes view - May, 22. 2007 - 12:46
Hello omg your eyes are well scary init shae lol...where did you do that the sounds of the doors are well eyes would scar you more though only joking...shae and klara we should make a video and put it on here oh on you tube lol that would be well funny dont no what baout though we will find something...hmmm really dont no what else to say lol soooo this is well boring i dont wanna look though all of them i am going to go and leave nice comments on all of them lol go on to all of them and leave comments to eachother and then reply lol...why did you just scream..i hate i.ct lol g2g teacher bubi xxxxxxxxx
klara : [movie:] blue eyes view - May, 22. 2007 - 12:45
helloooooo omg this eye one is soooo weirdd i dnt ger it lol .. well this is a gd ict lesson innit im sat right next to u to (hannah nd shae) nd were talkin thru this loool were mad sooo anywayy wot u wanna talk bout u lisnin to music on ur headfones? im guna listen in a min im just writtin this so io cnt be botherd lol nd anyway y wud anyway make a movie about their eyes openin and closin lol weirdd!! well i got nuffin else to say lol im just writtin anythinngggg haha anywayy i will just talk to u by mouth coz i am sat next to u lol x.x.xlovee u
shae : [movie:] blue eyes view - May, 22. 2007 - 12:44
ahh yess that is a verryy cool eye.
but i dnt liike your face lol.
im jowking chiil your beans.
but wat is the point in taking a video of youe eye?
doesnt everyone have one of those?
anyways hannah my darling
how are you?
i guess you didnt know you could comment people on this did you know ooookay..
well i must be off
p.s godo video