junior nikola tanurovski [mk] 2002
title a-cup of mind
category theoneminutes 2002

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Tanurovski Nikola : [movie:] A-cup of mind - Mar, 23. 2003 - 17:51
I,m very hapyy that you have put my film on internet, and i hope that
if i make something interesting that I wil sent it to you,I received a kard from you and i think that festivals like this are very nice, and i will paricipate in thr future,I also have to say that i have a problem watching the film but it doesnt matter becouse its probablu some technical problem.
I also want to say halooo to other participants.
Very best wishis to All from Nikola from Skopje -Macedonija.
shen : re: [movie:] a-cup of mind - Apr, 16. 2003 - 13:08
Hello , I'm shen.I first go to this forum.
Kirsten : re: re: [movie:] a-cup of mind - Apr, 16. 2003 - 14:27
Hey Shen! Where are you from?
Kirsten : re: [movie:] a-cup of mind - Mar, 25. 2003 - 14:31
Hey Nikola! Nice to hear from you. I am Kirsten, I work for the Art for Social Change programme of the European Cultural Foundation and am involved in the oneminutesJr. network as one of the web-masters. We really liked your movie. Are you still making new ones? We hope you will participate again this year. In fact, we are always welcoming new one minutes to put on our website! What do you think of this year's categories? And are there more young people in Macedonia who make one minutes? Do you work alone or do you go to a centre or club to make your movies?
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Greetings from a sunny Amsterdam,