junior corina butnaru [md] 2003
title fog
category inside - out
moldova, republic of

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corina : thanx - Jul, 05. 2005 - 19:14
i just wanna thank everybody who saw these movie and understood it.thnx again!
no name : [movie:] fog - Jun, 07. 2005 - 18:26
this movie is the best!!!!such an ideea!!!this girl is the greatest!! fuck you u fuckers who didn't wrote smth 'bout this movie!!ur brain is like a chiken brain if u didn't understand the movie!! stupid fuckers!!!
Dinu : re: [movie:] fog - Jun, 11. 2005 - 15:14
I see somebody needs help here. In case you didn't know this is not place you can use vulgar words.
no name : re: re: [movie:] fog - Jul, 05. 2005 - 19:36
hmmmm here i see a fucker weith a brain likie achicken!!
what r u going to do ?lock me??
ha ha ha!!!stupid chiken!!!
mark : re: [movie:] fog - Jun, 09. 2005 - 16:27
hey who can register me on theoneminutesjr newsletter?
and the Litle Prince made by Ana Ropot is one of the best film ever made
raya : for Mark - Jun, 14. 2005 - 13:04
Hi Mark, I will register you for the one minutes newsletter.