broadcasting partners

Who are the broadcasting partners of theoneminutesjr network?
Marion Vargaftig, European Media Consultant and Producer, has led the development of the broadcasters network.

This network, with its flexible and cross-platform approach, has enabled fruitful discussion and collaborations with broadcasters, contributing to the overall development of theoneminutesjr in European countries.

Currently there are ten public European broadcasters which broadcast the oneminutesjr videos and are strong partners of the network. They finance their own workshops, promote one minute videos on TV and the internet, and are establishing their own one minute youth network. More broadcasters are always welcome!

TVP Poland
KRO the Netherlands
SVT Sweden
YLE Finland
RTE Ireland
nrk Norway
drk Denmark

The BBC shows oneminutejr videos on the Blast website linking youngsters to theoneminutesjr website.