the oneminutes is a global platform for moving images.
Since 1999, the oneminutes has produced and distributed over 10.000 video works from makers of 120 different nationalities.
we organize video workshops, screenings and exhibitions.

with more than 10 years of experience, we are now taking our expertise corporate, offering video workshops for companies.

during a one4one workshop your employees will be guided through the various stages of making a one minute film.
the trainers are professional video artists and filmmakers.

participants are being challenged in a creative manner. they react and discuss on a question which lives within your organization by using video as a tool.

one4one also provides insight into own communication and creates film material that can be used on your website or other forms of communication.

above all this;
by participating in a workshop, your organization supports the oneminutesjunior project; a project in collaboration with UNICEF that provides the opportunity for children and youngsters from around the world to express themselves creatively by making one minute videos to share their hopes, dreams and personal stories with the world.

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