Vulnerable children tell their stories in one-minute videos

Skopje, Monday, 22 November: Over the past two weeks twenty seven vulnerable children residing in child care institutions created one minute videos to comment on their lives and to express their aspirations and fears The films were the results of one-minute video workshops that were organised as part of the EU-funded and UNICEF implemented and co-funded Justice for Children project.

“The children who participated in the workshops are children currently under the care of the state. While under this care, the state is obligated to help facilitate their rehabilitation - to give them the knowledge and skills they have missed out on in life, so that they reintegrate into society” said Mr Sheldon Yett, UNICEF Representative. “These workshops help equip the children with the fundamental skill of self-expression. They provide an eloquent commentary on the issues faced by these children, and their own concerns.”

The one-minute video workshops are an international, arts-based initiative that gives children, especially those who are underprivileged or marginalised, the opportunity to have their voices heard and to share their ideas, dreams, fascinations, anxieties and viewpoints on the world.

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