One Minutes Junior competition 2014

There are three categories and the winners of the best video of each category will be presented with a Tommy award and an HDFlipCam! A youth jury will also select the “best of the best” video, and that winner will also receive a Tommy award and HDFlipCam.

All nominees have also won a place in a OneMinutes/IDFA Masterclass in Amsterdam

The awards ceremony will take place 24 November 2012 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The winners of theoneminutesjr awards 2012 are:

Bary Felix Heriniaina [MG]
one minute of freedom

Arthur Boksyan [AM]
inside - out

Priya Dubey [IN]

The Youth Jury Award was a tie between:

Khushboo Rawat [IN]
The Wall

Muslim cavaldi [AZ]
Family issues
inside - out

The Youth Jury was made up of former OneMinutesJr. workshop participants Laila Noor Chaity (16, Bangladesh), Jorge Manuel Lagunas (19, Mexico), Nazarov Aziz (19, Tajikistan) and Üwen Ergün (16, Germany) and Lucas Heilmann (16, The Netherlands).


The three categories of the competition 2012 are:

Open category: one minute of freedom 60 seconds of absolute freedom to say what you wish on any topic you are interested in.

Thematic category: inside-out Sometimes we all feel like we belong, and other times we feel left out. This can be a choice we make or something that happens against our will. Make a one-minute telling your experience, your opinion.

Personal category: self-portrait Who are you? What do you stand for? What are your dreams, fascinations, fears, hopes and passions? Where do you come from? What do you see around you? Say who you are in your own way.

The nominees are:

one minute of freedom
Games – Bary Felix Heriniaina (Madagascar)
It’s a Baby Girl! – Nishu Singh (India)
Power of One – Luis Collazo (USA)
Two Sides of Montenegro – Kurtagić Maida (Montenegro)
School Shrink – David Midoyan (Armenia)

Your Future Newscaster – Dawnell Davis-White (USA)
Family Issues – Muslim Cavaldi (Azerbaijan)
Ballast – Arthur Baksyan (Armenia)
Looking In – Erik Khachatryan (Armenia)
Help! – Mircea Bogateanu (Romania)

Bingo – Temaria Emosi (Kiribati)
The Wall – Kushboo Rawat (India)
Change – Priya Dubey (India)
Family Puzzle – Alexandru Dencea (Romania)
Pile of Shards – Suren Meliksetyan (Armenia)

This year our jury members are:

ONE MINUTE OF FREEDOM: Anne Nigten is the initiator and director of The Patching Zone, where young people and professionals from different backgrounds work in an trans-disciplinary laboratory. The Patching Zone frequently hosts video workshops and other projects in collaboration with the One Minutes Foundation. Anne is an adviser to several media, arts and science initiatives in the Netherlands and Europe. She frequently publishes papers on social and creative innovation resulting from the collaboration between art, engineering and science.

INSIDE-OUT: Leontien Lems leads the Education Department team at the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision. Sound and Vision is a cultural-historical organization that collects, preserves and share the audiovisual heritage for as many users as possible. The Education Department of Sound and Vision creates learning experiences in the world of media and museums, including video workshops. Sound and Vision has developed different educational cross-media programs and products for scholars and student.

(SELF)-PORTRAIT: Bobbie Fay Brandsen works for the DOCU youth program at IDFA, the International Documentary Filmfestival. Since its launch in 1988, IDFA has been one of the world’s leading documentary film festivals, dedicated to the exhibition and promotion of ground-breaking creative documentaries. Bobbie loves film and is planning to attend the film academy after graduating. She is currently working on her own documentary.