2006 workshops

1: Liepaja, Latvia (Feb 21-25)
2: Montana, Bulgaria (April 3-7)
3: Bochum, Germany (April 19-23)
4: Salzburg, Austria (May 28-June )
5: Amsterdam, the Netherlands (june 1-5)
6: Dublin, Ireland (june 26-30)
7: Oberhausen, Germany (july 10-14)
8: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (august 1-10)
9: Vrac, Serbia (August 22-28)
10: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (August 25 - September 3)
11: Utsjoki, Finland (August 30 - Sept 2)
12: Tirana, Albania (October 4-8)
13: Gorlitz, Germany (October 16-20)
14: Beirut, Lebanon (November 22-26)

The first workshop of 2006 was organised February 21-25 in Liepaja, on the coast of Latvia. The twenty participants came from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The theme of the workshop was (self-)portrait, the new category in the annual theoneminutesjr competition.

The workshop was hosted by the Culture and Information Centre K@2 ( in the district of Karosta which used to be a Soviet naval base. The sea, the Orthodox church, hyperrealistic portraits of locals on the walls and beautiful winter days created a perfect setting for the workshop.

The first day of the workshop ended with a round of personal discussions where the youngsters went through their ideas with the video artists David Djindjikachvili and Kristina Kersa. Some of the participants like Latvian Martins Rudzitis could not wait that long. Before eight in the evening of the first day he had already filmed material for three videos.

The junior of the workshop, 9-year-old Andrejs Sidlaruks, also had clear plans from the first minute. îI want to go up to people in the city with my camera and ask them to quit smoking.î Andrejs was ready to take risks and even argue fiercely with the people he would encounter. îSmoking is really bad for you and I think everyone should stop.î

Many of the youngsters decided to make a self-portrait. Rather than showing herself Lithuanian Lina Luzyte, 20, built a scene where people share impressions of her. With her video she wished to show how the perceptions of others never give a full picture of who you are. She was one of the first ones to complete her film. îThey say that directors should be satisfied if they reach 70 % of their goals. My idea has changed so many times that I cannot really say if I reached it. David (one of the facilitators) calls me a perfectionistî, the first year directing student laughed.

18-year-old art student Nerijus Rimkus decided to go for someone else. He wanted to show chairs in the snow. Even a request for further elaboration could not shed more light. îItĄs about, well, chairs.î Estonian Rainer Peanurk, 19, wanted to propagate for the nature and therefore got up before others on Friday morning to film the weekly visit or the garbage truck. He said he did not want to make his video too serious. î. My video is a bit silly reallyî, he says about Donít Be Rubbish.

The district of Karosta inspired Darius Pralgauskas, 19, among others to use his sixty seconds for showing how he sees things. îThe candles in the Karosta church made me immediately think about my old relativesî, the Lithuanian informology student explains. 19-year-old Igne Alebaite, who studies anthropology and history of culture at Vilnius University, was as well inspired by the neighbourhood. Her documentary-like video glances into the lives of the couple who have photographed people of Liepaja for decades. îI am so happy with my videos. I really love them.î

After five days of working the participants gathered with a great number of locals to the hall of the cultural centre to watch the 23 videos from a big screen. Coverage in regional newspapers and state television LTV supported by word of mouth attracted many to join the screening and some people were even forced to stand due to lack of space.

Many of the participants promised to keep on making videos. Some were too inspired by the week even to the extent that they could not consider partying on the last evening. Lithuanian Jonas Lozuraitis, who had already produced two videos for the competition, walked up to the facilitators as others gathered for a karaoke session. îCould I borrow a laptop? Can I keep on editing my videos? I really really want to finish more. Please.î

The videos of the Karosta workshop will be online soon.

Tommi Laitio
Media Programme Officer
European Cultural Foundation