2005 workshops

1: Hilversum, Netherlands
2: Rotterdam and Amsterdam
3: Chisinau, Moldova
4: Dublin, İreland
5: Istanbul, Turkey
6: Vojvodina, Serbia
7: Maldives
8: Barbados

Great start one minutes jr. workshop 2005!

the first workshop of 2005 was held in the tagrijn in hilversum, the netherlands, from the 11th - 14th of march and was part of the 'I love Hillywoodí video festival. the theme of the workshop was: my world in one minute.

the opening of the festival took place on the 10th of march and will be followed by a three-week video exposition. during the whole exposition a selection of one minute jr videos from former workshops will be shown. the participants of the workshop were students from the ROC and the Alberdingk Thijm College in Hilversum. most of the youngsters had experience in video making and wanted to expand their knowledge during the workshop. in total 12 youngsters between the ages of 16 - 20 were able to participate and 12 videos were produced. during the first public screening family and friends joined the participants to see the results of their hard work and were surprised by the great amount of creativity. the first one minute jr. workshop in the netherlands was a great succes! the european cultural foundation and sandberg institute are planning on organizing more one minutes jr. workshops in the netherlands this year.